How Uefa Champions League 2022/23 works: rules, groups and draws

How Uefa Champions League 2022/23 works: rules, groups and draws

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The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious tournaments in all sports. On this page we offer everything you need to know about the Champions League, which has been played every year since 1955.

What is the Champions League? The UEFA Champions League is a football tournament of 32 European teams competing to win the cup with big ears. It is the highest European club competition in football.

When was the European Cup or Champions League born? The first European Cup tournament took place in the 1955-56 season and has been held annually ever since.

How the Champions 2022/23 works

Many European football fans try to understand how the Champions League works now. The 2022/23 edition started on 21 June 2022 and will end on 10 May 2023 with the final in Istanbul. In this part of the article on how the Champions 2022/23 works we propose the calendar, dates, groups and everything you need to know about the current edition of the Champions Cup. On ours there is also the page on how the Conference League works.


Champions League bands, how they work

The 32 participating teams are divided into 4 pots for the Champions League groups. There are specific criteria for placing a particular team in a certain band. But how do the Champions League pots work? There are 4: Band A, Band B, Band C, Band D. In the first band there are the outgoing winner, the winner of the Europa League and the winners of the national championships in Italy, England, Spain, France, Germany and Portugal.

How the Champions League groups work

Here’s how the Champions League groups work. All the regulations of the group stage in the highest European club competition. Many European football fans wonder how the Champions League works in the group stage, especially how the ranking in groups works. That is, if two teams have the same points in the group standings, how are the positions of the two teams defined?

Champions League groups, the classification criteria

Here are the Uefa criteria to define the rankings in the Champions League groups.

  1. higher number of points in head-to-head matches
  2. goal difference in head to head matches
  3. higher number of goals scored in head-to-head matches
  4. higher number of goals scored away from home in direct matches
  5. total goal difference
  6. greater number of goals overall
  7. greater number of overall away goals
  8. highest number of wins in the group
  9. highest number of away wins in the group conduct,
  10. lower disciplinary score based on cards
  11. Uefa coefficient

Champions group, who goes to the Knockout round and who in the Europa League

The top two in each group qualify for the round of 16 of the Champions League 2022/23, first round of the knockout phase. The teams that finish their respective group in third position ‘relegate’ to the Europa League and will play the round of 32.

The third ranking in the Champions League group

Many fans of European football are wondering what the third classification in the Champions League achieves. What does the team that finishes third in the Champions group do? The third classified of each group of Champions ‘relegated’ to the Europa League and will be included in the draw for the round of 32.

Champions League: structure, scoreboard and draw

The 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four, with each team playing the other three teams in their respective group twice, home and away. The top two finishers from each group advance to the first round of the knockout stage, the round of 16. The number of teams each association brings to the Champions League depends on the UEFA coefficients of the member associations.

Champions League 2022-23 calendar

When do the knockout stages of the Champions League start?

Round of 16: 14/15/21/22 February & 7/8/14/15 March 2023
Quarter-finals: 11/12 & 18/19 April 2023
Semi-finals: 9/10 & 16/17 May 2023
Final: 10 June 2023

Champions League 2022-23 draws

The draw for the round of 16 of the Champions League will be held at the Uefa headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland, on 7 November 2022. Obviously, it will involve the eight teams that finished their group in the lead and the eight runners-up. As regards the functioning of the draw, the seeded players will play the return match at home while teams belonging to the same nation will not be able to face.

UCL 2022-23, next draws

Round of 16: 7 November 2022
Quarter-finals & semi-finals: 17 March 2023

All winners European Cup/Champions League

1955-56  Real Madrid (1)
1956-57  Real Madrid (2)
1957-58  Real Madrid (3)
1958-59  Real Madrid (4)
1959-60  Real Madrid (5)
1960-61  Benfica  (1)
1961-62  Benfica (2)
1962-63  Milan  (1)
1963-64  Internazionale  (1)
1964-65  Internazionale  (2)
1965-66  Real Madrid  (6)
1966-67  Celtic  (1)
1967-68  Manchester United (1)
1968-69  Milan  (2)
1969-70  Feyenoord  (1)
1970-71  Ajax (1)
1971-72  Ajax (2)
1972-73  Ajax (3)
1973-74  Bayern München  (1)
1974-75  Bayern München (2)
1975-76  Bayern München  (3)
1976-77  Liverpool  (1)
1977-78  Liverpool  (2)
1978-79  Nottingham Forest  (1)
1979-80  Nottingham Forest  (2)
1980-81  Liverpool  (3)
1981-82  Aston Villa  (1)
1982-83  Hamburger  (1)
1983-84  Liverpool  (4)
1984-85  Juventus  (1)
1985-86  Steaua București  (1)
1986-87  Porto  (1)
1987-88  PSV Eindhoven  (1)
1988-89  Milan (3)
1989-90  Milan (4)
1990-91  Stella Rossa  (1)
1991-92  Barcelona  (1)
1992-93  Olympique de Marseille  (1)
1993-94  Milan  (5)
1994-95  Ajax (4)
1995-96  Juventus  (2)
1996-97  Borussia Dortmund  (1)
1997-98  Real Madrid  (7)
1998-99  Manchester United  (2)
1999-00  Real Madrid  (8)
2000-01  Bayern München  (4)
2001-02  Real Madrid  (9)
2002-03  Milan  (6)
2003-04  Porto  (2)
2004-05  Liverpool  (5)
2005-06  Barcelona  (2)
2006-07  Milan  (7)
2007-08  Manchester United  (3)
2008-09  Barcelona  (3)
2009-10  Internazionale (3)
2010-11  Barcelona  (4)
2011-12  Chelsea (1)
2012-13  Bayern München  (5)
2013-14  Real Madrid  (10)
2014-15  Barcelona  (5)
2015-16  Real Madrid  (11)
2016-17  Real Madrid  (12)
2017-18  Real Madrid (13)
2018-19  Liverpool  (6)
2019-20  Bayern München  (6)
2020-21 Chelsea (2)
2021-22 Real Madrid (14)


The Champions League prize pool

The 2020/21 Champions League has allocated a total of 2.04 billion euros to the teams that will participate in the edition. The Champions League prize pool is divided as follows: 25% goes to the registration fees, 30% to the results on the field, another 30% to the historical ranking and 15% to the market pool.

How much do the teams earn in the groups

The 32 clubs that qualify for the Champions League group stage receive € 15.25m. In addition, other prizes are foreseen in the group stage:

  • 2.7 million euros for a win
  • € 900,000 for a tie.

When does the team that win the Champions League win?

Let’s go and see the Champions League prize pool for the knockout phase: from the round of 16 to the final.

  • Qualification for the round of 16: € 9.5 million
  • Qualification for the quarter-finals: € 10.5 million
  • Qualification for the semi-finals: € 12 million
  • Final qualification: € 15 million per club
  • Champions League final victory: € 4 million

In addition, the two finalists of the European Super Cup will also receive a sum (say about 3.5 million euros) each.