How works Conference League: when plays and teams

How works Conference League: when plays and teams

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There are many football fans who want information on the new Uefa competition that will debut in the next season: the Conference League. How does it work? Who qualifies in the Conference League? When it starts? In this article, we answer all the questions relating to the new Uefa Conference League tournament, a competition completely different from the other two European club competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League.


How the Conference League works: participating teams and structure

We offer a complete guide on how the Uefa Conference League works and then in the next paragraphs we go to explain who qualifies in England and in other countries and illustrate the main dates of the first edition of the Conference League, namely that of 2021/22. But let’s start from the basics. How does the Conference League work? How many teams are participating? In total, the teams that will play the competition will be 184 (at least one for each of the 55 UEFA federations), 46 will come from the Champions League or the Europa League. Before the group stage (no team directly qualifies for the group stage) there are three qualifying rounds and one play-off round. As reported by the official UEFA website: “There will be a group stage (eight groups of four teams) followed by the play-offs for the knockout stage, the round of 16, the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final. The eight group winners go straight to the round of 16. The eight runners-up in the groups and the third classified in the groups of the Europa League play the play-offs for the knockout phase, which lead to the round of 16 of the Europa Conference League ”. The final of the first Conference League is scheduled in Tirana, Albania.

Conference League Qualifiers, the access list

To understand how the Conference League qualifiers work, you need to consult the access list, which is available on the Uefa website. The access list explains which teams participate for their respective federations and in which rounds they enter the race.

Conference League, who qualifies in England?

Many football fans and supporters of Premier League formations wonder how many Italian teams go to the Conference League. In short, who qualifies in the Conference League? Only one team in England (from Premier League) qualifies for the Conference League: it is the team that finishes seventh in the Premier League standings.

Conference League, what do you win?

The team that wins the Conference League will qualify for the group stage of the next Europa League. Conference League 2021/22, when playing Here are all the dates of the first edition of the Conference League to be played in the 2021-22 season. The dates of the qualifications, the group stage and the knockout stage up to the final in Tirana are reported on the official Uefa website. This is when the Conference League plays: on Thursdays at the same time as the Europa League at 5.45 pm and 5.00 pm.

  • First Round of Qualifiers: 8th and 15th July
  • Second Round of Qualifiers: 22nd and 29th July
  • Third Round of Qualifiers: 5th and 12 August
  • Playoff: 19th and 26th August
  • Group Stage: 16th and 30th September, 21st October, 4th and 25th November, 9th December
  • Playoff: 17th and 24th February
  • Round of 16: 10th and 17th March
  • Round of 8: 7th and 14th April
  • Semi-final: 28th April and 5th May
  • Final: 25th may