Major League Soccer, hot it works: rules, playoffs and teams

Major League Soccer, hot it works: rules, playoffs and teams

Marzo 20, 2023 Off Di FAQSoccer

MLS, i.e. Major League Soccer, is the top soccer league in the United States and also includes Canadian teams such as Toronto FC. In this article we explain how the MLS works: from the regulation to the structure, from the playoffs to the participating teams, from the start and end dates to the registration criteria up to the golden register of the American soccer championship in the United States. On our website you will also find the page dedicated to how the Brazilian league works.

Mls regulation, structure of the championship

29 teams participate in the MLS championship, which are divided into two groups. The peculiarity of the American soccer championship is that it does not provide for promotions and relegations. The championship is divided into two phases: first there is the regular season and then the playoff phase. As for the regular championship, there are no two-legged groups like in Serie A, but each team faces the other teams a variable number of times. However, at the end of the season, he must have played 34 games. After 34 rounds, the playoffs begin, which we will explore in the following paragraphs. On our website you can also read the special on the Dutch Eredivisie championship.

Mls, how it works: the two groups

As mentioned, the participating teams are divided into two groups: the West group (Western Conference) and the East group (Eastern Conference). The clubs in each group are chosen on the basis of their geographical position, as a matter of travel and transfers.

Mls playoff rules, how they work

The Mls playoffs are very important and decide the final winner of the championship. The first in the West group and the first classified in the East group qualify for the Mls playoffs and start directly from the quarter-finals. How many and which teams participate in the MLS playoffs? That’s all the rules. Sixteen teams qualify, the first two of the two groups plus another 14, i.e. those that fall from the second to the seventh position of the two groups and who will make a preliminary round. Playoff games feature only one game (no return) played at the home of the top-ranked team in the regular season.

Mls, how teams register: the criteria

Who decides which teams participate in the MLS championship and how? It is the MLS itself that chooses whether to let new teams enter the championship. And it does so on the basis of certain parameters: the market area, the economic/financial availability and the facilities (the sports center and the stadium). It is therefore a championship in which the league itself decides and chooses the teams to participate. As mentioned, there are no promotions and relegations at a sporting level.

Mls 2023 championship, the participating teams

  • Western Conference

Los Angeles FC, Austin FC, FC Dallas, LA Galaxy, St. Louis City, Minnesota Utd, Real Salt Lake, Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps, Colorado Rapids, Seattle Sounders, Sporting K.C., Houston Dynamo, S.J. Earthquakes.

  • Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Union, CF Montréal, New York City, N.Y. Red Bulls, FC Cincinnati, Inter Miami, Orlando City, Columbus Crew, Charlotte FC, N.E. Revolution, Atlanta Utd, Chicago Fire, Toronto FC, D.C. United, Nashville.

Mls championship, when it starts and when it ends

Mls 2023 (28th edition) started on 25 February 2023 and ended on 21 October 2023.

MLS roll of honour: who has won the most titles?

The team that has won the most MLS titles is the Los Angeles Galaxy with 5 league titles. Followed by DC United with 4. Here is the complete roll of honor of Mls:

1996  D.C. United
1997 D.C. United (2)
1998 Chicago Fire
1999 D.C. United (3)
2000 K.C. Wizards
2001 S.J. Earthquakes
2002 L.A. Galaxy
2003 S.J. Earthquakes (2)
2004 D.C. United (4)
2005 L.A. Galaxy (2)
2006 Houston Dynamo
2007 Houston Dynamo (2)
2008 Columbus Crew
2009 Real Salt Lake
2010 Colorado Rapids
2011 LA Galaxy (3)
2012 LA Galaxy (4)
2013 Sporting K.C. (2)
2014 LA Galaxy (5)
2015 Portland Timbers
2016 Seattle Sounders
2017 Toronto FC
2018 Atlanta Utd
2019 Seattle Sounders (2)
2020 Columbus Crew (2)
2021 New York City
2022 Los Angeles FC