Segunda Division, hot it works: playoffs, promotions and relegations

Segunda Division, hot it works: playoffs, promotions and relegations

Marzo 13, 2023 Off Di FAQSoccer

The Spanish Segunda División is the second largest football league in Spain. What is the Spanish Serie B called? Since 2019, it has been using the LaLiga SmartBank brand. In this article you will find all the information on the Spanish Segunda Division: from the rules to the standings, from promotions to relegations, up to the number of participating teams. You will understand how many teams relegate to Primera RFEF and how many go up to La Liga. On our website you will also find the article on how Serie B works, Italian second division.

What is the name of the Spanish second division?

The official name is Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Segunda División, but it is also called LaLiga2, LaLiga SmartBank and Segunda Division.

Spanish Segunda Division, how it works: the rules

The Spanish Second Division has 22 participating teams who play each other once at home and once away to form a long 42-day championship. It is one of the longest championships in Europe.

Segunda Division, who goes up to La Liga? The promotions

The top two automatically advance to La Liga, while the teams from third to sixth positions go to the playoffs. In mid-June, the four playoff teams play a semi-final round trip. The winning teams face off in another two-legged tie in the final, played at the end of June. The winner of the grand final gets promoted and moves up to La Liga. On our website you will also find the article on how Primera Division rgentina works.

Segunda Division playoffs, how they work

The third-placed team in the league plays against the sixth-placed team, while the fourth-placed team plays the fifth-placed team. The winners of both semi-finals play a final, always in double confrontation, which determines the winner of the promotion and therefore of the third promoted to Liga. Both in the two semi-finals and in the final, the first leg matches will be played on the fields of the teams that finished the regular phase in a lower position. In the semi-final, therefore, the first legs will always be played in front of the fans of the teams classified fifth and sixth. If matches end in a draw, the first criterion to apply is away goals scored by each team. If there is still a tie on away goals and after extra time, the team with the best league finish wins.

Spanish Segunda Division, relegations: how many teams are relegated

Promotions and relegations in the Segunda division championship, the Spanish second division, have changed in recent years. How many and which teams relegate from the Segunda Division? The bottom four teams in the standings, from 19th to 22nd, are relegated.

Spanish Segunda Division, who has won the most times

Real Murcia is the team that has won the second Spanish football league the most times with 8 titles. Followed by Betis Sevilla with 7.

How many teams in Segunda Division?

  • 1929–1934: 10 clubs
  • 1934–1936: 24 group clubs
  • 1939–1940: 40 group clubs
  • 1940–1943: 24 group clubs
  • 1943–1949: 14 clubs
  • 1949–1956: 32 group clubs
  • 1956–1957: 40 group clubs
  • 1957–1958: 36 group clubs
  • 1958–1968: 32 group clubs
  • 1968–1997: 20 clubs 1997–present: 22 clubs

The Segunda Division and the B teams

In countries like Spain, there are B-teams, i.e. reserve teams, which play in the same league system as the first team, albeit in a lower division, for example as Barcelona and Real Madrid play in the Primera Division, La Liga , there are Barcelona B and Real Madrid Castilla who can play in the second division or lower leagues.

Can Barcelona B be promoted to La Liga?

B-teams, such as Barcelona B and Real Madrid Castilla, must play at least one level below their main team, and therefore Barcelona B cannot be promoted to La Liga. They also cannot play in the Copa del Rey.